How many leads do I need?

Type in how much you want to make and the calculator will tell you about how many leads you’ll need to get there. If you’d like help setting goals or getting leads, request your free marketing plan, and we’ll work with you.

Continue reading below the calculator for more info on how to use the calculator, use cases, and more.

How many leads do I need? Calculator
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How many leads do I need?

How to use the calculator

This calculator is a great first step for any contractor looking to grow their business and make more money. All you need to do is decide how much you want to make, and it’ll tell you how many leads you need per month to get there.

Let’s cover what numbers to fill in each blank, and then we’ll get to the meat and potatoes of the larger picture.

The Blanks

Total Revenue

Type in the total contract value from last month. This includes any customer who signed a contract AND put down a deposit.


How much money did you make last month after all expenses are paid?

Number of Sales

How many contracts or projects did you close and receive deposits for in the last month? Not the total value of the contracts, but the number of contracts or projects.

Number of New Estimates

How many new estimates did you send last month? For contractors discussing price in the home or doing a one-night close, how many of your conversations covered pricing?

Important note: Try to exclude outliers to make the calculator’s results more accurate. For example, if a customer asks you to requote 3-4 times, only count that as 1 estimate. 

Another important note: If you’re consistently requoting customers 3-4 times, you’re probably spending a significant amount of time estimating, and there may be a more efficient way to do it.

Number of New Leads

How many new leads did you get last month? A lead can mean something different for each contractor, but we have 2 identifiers for leads:

  1. You have their contact info
  2. They have expressed interest in your services at some point

This could include incoming phone calls, Facebook messages, lead forms, etc.

Monthly Profit Goal

How much do you want to make in a month? It’s as simple as that.

Time Period

While everything is based on 30 days, you can easily use a different time period. Just make sure all of your data covers the same time period. 

For example, if you wanted to calculate profit/leads per year, just type in your numbers from the last 12 months, and it’ll tell you how many leads you need in the next 12 months to hit your profit goal.

Setting Goals

This calculator is a great first step for any contractor looking to grow their business and make more money because it all starts with goals. Most business owners only shoot for ‘more’. They look at the sales and profit from the month before, and if the numbers from this month are just a little bit higher, they’re happy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. If that’s how they want to run their business, more power to them. However, if you have a target to aim for, it makes finding actionable next steps so much easier to find.

Profit Goal

How much do you want to make? Depending on the stage of your business you may have different goals. If you’re a new business owner, you may be looking to make enough to take some financial pressure off. If you’re an established business owner, you may be looking to make more consistent profits. If you already have consistent profits, you may be looking to save up and retire. Long story short, your goals will be specific to you. Don’t let anyone else tell you that your goals are not high enough or are unreasonably high. That’s your choice.

Once you have your profit goal, we need to find out what that means for the business.

Leads Goal

While profit is your end result, it’s impossible to just will your business to make more profit. We have to walk it back to make actionable goals. So if we walk it back, profit comes from revenue, which comes from sales, which comes from leads. So if you want more profit, you need more leads. 

Obviously there are a million other ways to make more profit, but that’s not what this calculator does!

Take it one step further​

Outcomes vs Actions

There are two types of goals. One is based on outcomes and the other is based on actions. For example, leads, sales, and profit are all outcome-based goals. These are typically what people aim for. However, when you ask the question, ‘How do I reach this goal?’, you can choose any combination of a million different actions that could impact that outcome. The biggest problem with this method is that when there’s so many variables, it’s hard to tell what is helping and what isn’t.

So, let’s set an action-based goal. Instead of stopping at ‘leads per month’, let’s look at what it takes to get a lead. You can cold call, knock on doors, spend more on marketing, post all over Facebook, optimize your website, join a networking group for referrals….. You can do a million things to get more leads, but when you try them all at once, you don’t know which one worked. 

Pick one action, and make that the goal. For example, if we know there’s an active audience on Facebook, let’s start there. Our goal will be to post every day for the next month and see what results we get. If it generates 5 leads that month, you can link that specific action to that specific result.

The next month, add a second action-based goal. Then next month, a third. And so on. Keep adding until you don’t have time to add any more. Then, cut the least effective action and experiment with a new one. 

Do you see how different action and outcome based goals are?

Help with setting goals

If you want more help with setting goals, here’s 2 resources for you.

The first is an article on SMART goal setting and how it can help you make goals that are more actionable.

The second is this button. If you want help making goals, that’s one of the first steps we’ll walk through during your free consult.