General Contractor Website Builder Pros and Cons

general contractor website builders

General Contractor Website Builders

If you’re looking to build or upgrade your website, looking into a general contractor website builder may be worthwhile. There are hundreds of different options out there, but we can’t cover all of them. So here are our thoughts on the top four for general contractor websites. We’ll cover a general overview and drawbacks of each in order from most customizable to least.


WordPress is the go-to for most website developers. In fact, over 800 million websites use WordPress, which is over 60% of all websites! That speaks to the usability and customization of the platform. However, it can be technically challenging and frustrating for a beginner. 

We use WordPress for all of our clients’ websites.

Our recommendation: If you’re looking for a fully customizable site, and if you aren’t worried about investing some time to learn the platform, this is the best choice.

general contractor website builder - squarespace


SquareSpace is a very user-friendly platform. It’s fairly easy to use because it is focused on providing a seamless design experience for any skill level. The first website I ever built was on SquareSpace, and it worked as advertised. However, as I got more into the details of design and customization, I realized the limitations of the platform. They remove a majority of the customization options to make it easy to use. 

On the other hand, SquareSpace’s pricing has been continuously increasing over the last 5 years. Being that they are the best combination of customization and usability, I can only assume it will continue to get more expensive year after year.

Recommendation: If you aren’t looking for 100% customizability, Squarespace is a great option. There’s some room to customize without being overwhelming or frustrating. 

general contractor website builder- wix


Wix is a great starter website because it is one of the easiest to use for beginner website designers. It includes a drag-and-drop page builder and some basic SEO tools. However, it does not include any traffic or conversion analytics on the low-cost plans, and customizability is extremely limited. Some reviews even claim that you can’t change your site’s theme after you publish.

Recommendation: While Wix is easier to use, there are significant limitations on the most important site elements like visitor analytics, and it’s not that much less expensive than SquareSpace.

general contractor website builder - weebly


Weebly is the most basic website builder on this list. It is extremely easy to use, but that comes at a significant cost. Weebly places ads on your website unless you upgrade to the ‘professional’ plan or above. They also offer phone support for their customers, but that is also only available to those paying for the ‘professional’ plan or higher.

Recommendation: I would personally avoid Weebly. It is the least expensive of all of the mentioned website builders, but in my opinion, it isn’t worth the savings.


There are many more website builders out there, and it may be worth looking into. However, this list covers the most popular tools. There is another option if you’re looking to build or upgrade your business’s website, and that is hiring a website designer or website design agency. While there are a ton of website building tools, there are even more website design agencies!

We have a blog coming soon about what to consider when hiring a website agency, so make sure to check back in a few weeks!

Read more about website builders in this article from Elementor: WordPress vs. Other Website Builders.

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