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Paid ads can be a great way for general contractors to reach their customers and grow their businesses. With the right strategy, it’s possible to create ads that are targeted and effective in reaching the right people at the right time. General contractor paid ads are great for seeing initial results within 30 days, and show detailed analytics to calculate return on investment.

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Get traffic in 30 days with detailed analytics

Local Contractor Paid Ads

Preferred Platforms

General contractor paid ads - google ads

Google Ads

Google Ads are a great overall platform for advertising and attracting an audience. Typically, this is where businesses grow and scale their ad spend because you can target keywords related to purchase intent. In other words, you can appear in front of your customer right when they are ready to buy. On the other hand, when Google shows your ad, they are also showing two other competing ads. Since the customer typically only clicks on one, you are competing for every single click. We’ve worked over the last few years to improve our headlines and meta descriptions to make sure we get as many clicks as possible.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are better than Google Ads in certain scenarios. For example, Facebook has more refined targeting, so you can narrow or broaden you audience as much as you’d like. The other factor to consider is how active your customers are on Facebook. If you have a Facebook page with a lot of followers or if your city has a Facebook page with an active user base, that can make Facebook ads 5 to 10 times more efficient per dollar than Google. All things considered, its definitely a case-by-case basis, and we can help you make that decision.

Local Contractor Paid Ad Strategies

Paid Ads are a powerful tool for businesses and organizations to increase visibility in the digital marketplace. One of the most effective strategies for utilizing Google Ads is to utilize keyword targeting. This strategy allows businesses to target specific words or phrases that users are likely to type into a search engine when looking for their product or service, increasing the chance of visibility in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Additionally, businesses can take advantage of segmentation targeting within Google Ads, allowing them to divide their ads up by demographic, geographic region, device type, and more. Finally, businesses should always perform A/B testing to ensure that their ads are as efficient as possible. These strategies can help ensure your General Contractor paid ads are profitable.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting with Google Ads allows you to choose the specific keywords that will trigger your ad to be displayed in search engine results. Consistently testing new keywords or variations of existing keywords, you can identify the most valuable terms that are related to your general contracting services and direct more interested users to your website. Additionally, Google Ads provides access to powerful tools such as keyword research, which allows you to determine which keywords are most likely to be used by potential customers. By using keyword targeting with Google Ads, businesses can easily identify their target audience and get their message across in an efficient manner.

Intent Targeting

Intent targeting with Google Ads is an effective way to improve conversions, as it allows businesses to target users based on their past search history and interests. For Example, ‘looking for information’, ‘comparing companies’, and ‘looking to make a purchase’ are all examples of the intent behind a customer’s Google search, which you can target simply by focusing on specific searches and keywords. Focusing on the ‘purchase’ stage can get you in front of your customers at just the right time to improve conversion rates and maximize your budget.

Competitor Targeting

Many business owners have difficulty competing when there’s a significantly larger competitor in the area. For example, when I was a contractor, I had several nation-wide franchises move into my market and begin selling to compete directly with my product. I thought it was going to take customers away, but it actually helped me. When these massive companies move into a market, they spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to build demand. All you have to do is ride the wave! 

When we implement this strategy, we’ll provide coaching for how to handle customers and leads that come from this ad. It’s slightly different from your average lead, and your wording can make or break the sale!

Website Required

When running paid ads, the main goal is to get your customers to click away from what they are doing and visit your website. That being said, it is not recommended, but required that you have a professional website that can turn traffic into leads. At the most basic level, having a functioning site will allow your ads to work. At the next level, your website content and structure will help convert more of your ad clicks into leads. And at the highest level, your website’s analytics can provide valuable information about how your customers interact with the ad and your website so that both can be improved at the same time. All this adds up to make having a website absolutely necessary for success with Local Contractor paid ads.

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SEO Recommended

Improving your website’s SEO can significantly increase your visibility on search engines like Google, leading to higher impressions and more clicks. This increased visibility can translate into higher click-through rates (CTRs) for ads, meaning more potential customers and leads that can be driven to your website. Additionally, optimizing the content on your website will also help ensure that users are engaged from the moment they click your ad, likely leading to improved conversion rates. Additionally, if you invest in resources such as keyword research or an SEO audit, it could help identify areas of improvement for both organic search rankings and ad performance. Investing in good SEO practices is a great way to maximize the success of both your organic search results and Local Contractor paid ads.

General contractor website design - SEO Upgrade

Add Social Media for the Complete Package

Adding social media on top of an already strong marketing strategy can multiply its impact and create a more well-rounded approach. Social media brings an interactive and dynamic element, allowing businesses to directly engage with their audience in real-time. By leveraging platforms like Facebook, businesses can amplify their reach, fostering brand awareness and loyalty. Social media also provides an avenue for sharing compelling visual content, customer testimonials, and behind-the-scenes glimpses, adding a human touch to the campaign. The interactive nature of social media facilitates two-way communication, enabling businesses to gather feedback, address concerns, and build a more personalized connection with their audience. Additionally, social media’s data analytics tools offer valuable insights, allowing for continuous campaign optimization. In essence, the incorporation of social media enriches a marketing campaign, making it more versatile, responsive, and well-rounded, ultimately enhancing its overall effectiveness.

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